Coffee for the office

Are you looking for coffee for your company? Would you like to provide yourself and your employees with a daily dose of coffee energy? You've come to the right place. We will help you choose the right coffee for your office - both in terms of price and flavor profile.

The best coffee for your business
We provide:

free coffee delivery to the office
coffee machines (purchase and rental)
equipment servicing
additional discounts for your employees in the cafe and online store
Coffee for the office is one of those products that can directly affect the well-being of employees. Mugs with steaming black drink are present on all desks every day, they make breaks spent in common rooms more pleasant or help to concentrate during extremely demanding tasks. Drinking coffee is almost a custom in modern offices - employees often bring their cups, coffee is also offered to customers and business partners. Therefore, it is worth making the coffee for the company as aromatic as possible.

We have expanded the assortment of our store to meet the highest expectations. We focus on the freshness and quality of products as well as cooperation with the best suppliers, thanks to which we are sure that the coffee purchased by customers for the company comes from trusted, proven sources. People interested in buying ground coffee as well as looking for coffee beans will be satisfied with the prepared offer. We offer a wide range while maintaining attractive prices. .

Currently, we have developed four coffee collections for the company, each of which is distinguished by different advantages - we invite you to familiarize yourself with the Blueberry Roasters, MayBe Organic products and the line of green and flavored coffees.

Coffee for the office - what to consider when choosing to buy the best?
Choosing the best coffee for the office is not an easy decision. To help you make it, we have prepared a few tips, thanks to which each of the customers will adapt the product to their own requirements faster and more effectively.

First of all, pay attention to:

a description of the coffee with general characteristics and an indication of its origin,
graphical chart showing the following values: body (delicate, strong, balanced coffee), as well as caffeine content and acidity level (low, medium, high),
profile showing similarity to certain flavors (e.g. dark chocolate, green peas, roasted almonds).
We adjust the offer individually to the client's needs. We invite you to a meeting!